An essayist, critic, and freelance journalist, Eric Weinberger has written about everything from health care to cyberbullying to George Orwell. But his true passion is for snow. 


Essays on the Skiing Life

How does one describe, or even remember, what it feels like to ski? As the author observes in the introduction, “The act of skiing, like sex and some other things, is, the moment it’s over, something you find hard to believe ever happened or possible to recreate, second by second, in your mind; it’s as if one never skied at all.”

In these seven classic essays about life on the slopes, Eric Weinberger does more than capture that sensation: chasing fresh powder (and snow bunnies) in the Alps, attempting race training with Austrian ski instructors, and even explaining how the Dutch, without mountains of their own, just might be the most ski-obsessed people of all. Snow Melts is a timeless and poignant examination of the skiing life.