Winter is here, and Eric Weinberger's seven essays about life on the slopes, Snow Melts, will get you in the right state of mind for the season. Or if you prefer to head south, Madison Smartt Bell's Soul in a Bottle brings the energy of Haiti to his collection of writing about the cultural, political, and spiritual landscape of the island. Start the new year right with some of Byliner's greatest hits, including Elizabeth Kaye's Lifeboat No. 8, Mark Bittman's Cooking Solves Everything, and Jon Krakauer's Three Cups of Deceit. 


Confessions & Confidences: On Writing Memoir with Elizabeth Kaye "You have spent the majority of your career as a writer profiling and writing about other people..." [Read More]

Island at the Far Corner of the World by Brendan Donley "I’m in the middle of Australia’s sunniest city on a day with no clouds, feeling water drops splash. . ." [Read More]

Confessions & Confidences: On Inspiration with Madison Smartt Bell "Your Byliner title, Soul in a Bottle, is drawn from your journals during your extensive travels to Haiti. . ." [Read More] 

The Rise of the Bourgeois Paradise by Meghan Daum "One recent morning, I was sitting at my desk in my home in Los Angeles when the telephone rang.  . . ." [Read More]

Important Things by Roxane Gay "Important Things to Know About Loose Women/Who a Loose Woman Looks Up To/ Never her mother.. . ." [Read More]  

 Forbidden Island by Tad Friend "Though it has the obligatory colonial armoires and brass firemen's helmets, the Museum of the City of Havana's chief . . ." [Read More]

Fear Itself by Sebastian Junger "Several years ago, in Sierra Leone, a rebel group calling itself the Revolutionary United Front launched an offensive that overran most of the country in a matter of. . ." [Read More] 

The Runaway Doctor by Buzz Bissinger His hair is longer than it was in his former life, the life he left behind like a snake shedding its skin. A yellow bandanna wraps around his forehead, and reflective dark glasses cover his eyes. . . " [Read More]